Residential Rebates

NEW Rebates Available: Water-Conserving  Products

The following water-conserving products are eligible for a rebate. Products that are parts of these systems but not listed here are not eligible. To qualify, products must be new and installed at single-family or duplex residential properties where water service is provided by a city utility. See details, Terms & Conditions, and application here.  

  • Pool Cover
  • Hot Water Recirculating System Components
  • Laundry-to-Landscape System Components
  • Rain Barrel
  • Rain Sensors


The Solano High-Efficiency Washer Rebates

Although PG&E is no longer offering a rebate, the water agency is still offering a $100 rebate to Solano water customers who purchase qualifying high-efficiency washing machines. The program is currently transitioning to the new format. We ask that all applicants hold on to your receipts until the new program is operational and able to accept applications. Everyone who purchased a qualifying washing machine will be able to apply for the rebate.

irirgationSmart Irrigation Controller Rebates

Install a qualifying smart controller to irrigate your existing landscape and you could receive up to $300, $700, or $1000 depending on the number of stations.

Go to or call 855.512.1221 for complete program details and to apply for the rebate. 

Water-Efficient Landscaping Rebates

Replace your lawn with water-efficient landscaping and receive $1.00/square foot, up to $1000 maximum; see Turf Replacement Rebate Program and check out FAQs about the Landscape Rebate Program. Please read the terms and conditions before you remove your lawn. Contact 707.455.1113 or for details. 

How to Apply: Fill out the application form completely. Online: Fill out form onscreen, download to your computer, and email it to solanocash4grass@scwa2.comBy Mail or Fax: Print out the form, fill it in, and mail or fax it to SCWA (directions are on the form). View or download the application (PDF). 

Tax Notice: All rebates of $600 or more will require submittal of a W-9 form to SCWA prior to payment. All personal information provided within the W-9 is kept confidential in accordance with the Privacy Act. If your total rebate amount is $600 or more, you will receive a 1099 form to comply with Internal Revenue Service requirements. The determination of whether your rebate is taxable or not may depend on several variables. You are recommended to contact your tax professional.

Please Note

For toilet rebates go to or call 844.642.7410 for program information and online rebate application submittal. Funding is limited and rebates will be paid on a first come, first serve basis.