Turf Replacement Rebate Program

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Save money by saving water!

The Solano County Water Efficient Landscape Rebate Program is again available. This program has experienced unprecedented growth and last year it expended all budgeted funding. Sign up early!

For more information, call 707.455.1113 or email solanocash4grass@scwa2.com.  (Note: Currently this office is only staffed part-time but all inquiries will be answered)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Landscape Rebate Program. Read Terms and Conditions.

How to Apply: Fill out the application form completely. Online: Fill out form onscreen, download to your computer, and email it to solanocash4grass@scwa2.comBy Mail or Fax: Print out the form, fill it in, and mail or fax it to SCWA (directions are on the form). View or download the application (PDF). 


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