Water-Conserving Products Rebate

Eligible Water-Conserving Products

The following water-conserving products are eligible for a rebate. Products that are parts of these systems but not listed here are not eligible. To qualify, products must be new and installed at single-family or duplex residential properties where water service is provided by a city utility.

  • Rebates cover the cost of the product up to $50 per product category, excluding tax, delivery, and labor.
  • Limit: ONE rebate per product category per household for the life of the program.
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Product Categories

Pool Cover
Rebates are for new covers specifically made for pools. Rebates do not apply to secondhand covers, mesh covers, chemical/liquid covers, or spa covers.

Hot Water Recirculating System Components
Eligible components include electric pumps and thermal bypass valves that create one continuous water supply loop to recirculate water throughout the home.

Laundry-to-Landscape System Components
Eligible components include a 3-way diverter valve to direct the flow of graywater to the landscape or to the sewer, and/or an air vent to prevent accidental siphoning of water from the clothes washer. Product must be installed as part of a residential clothes washer and meets all requirements for graywater systems as described in the California Plumbing Code. Other system components, including tubing, plumbing parts, outlets, mulch shields, and components installed as part of more complex graywater systems, do not qualify.

Rain Barrel
Only finished containers sold exclusively for rainwater collection are eligible. Secondhand or self-made rain barrels do not qualify. Barrels must have fixed screens and safety covers that prevent entry of children, mosquitoes, and animals.

Rain Sensors
To qualify for the rebate, the rain sensor must be set to shut-off the irrigation system when it detects 1/8-inch or more precipitation.